Programmed code is a hybrid between logical commands for machines and human languages. Determining our communication structures, it hides within devices and interfaces. That invisible, yet increasing, algorithmic dominance on our communication abilities prevents the user from being aware of the processes of translation that are executed by any digital action.The video installation OPEN PARENTHESIS reveals these hidden actions of translation by collating them with the necessity of cultural decoding that people in foreign cultures are obliged to.Code becomes transcripted into human language and translated various times through algorithms until its total decomposition and loose of utility. Not serving as executable algorithm, anymore, it becomes the script for a poetic dialogue between two artists, each one speaking in the natural language of the other - a language that they will never master without mistakes.



Collaborative project with Pabla Fiorella 
Starting with an audio-visual performance in Buenos Aires we developed a series of audio-visual works on the possibility of representing and materializing code.

Proyecto colaborativo con Pabla Fiorella  
De una performance realizada en Buenos Aires en junio 2015 desarollamos una serie de obras audiovisuales y performaticas que tienen la materialización del código como objetivo central.